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The Roadmap Process

Here's what you can expect during the planning process.

Our seven-step planning process is designed to ensure a smooth experience and low workload for our clients. Here's a summary of each step:

Conversation with Devin.

Our journey together begins with a conversation to explore whether our planning services are a match for your unique financial needs. We only want to engage those individuals who will find value in our unique approach. For this reason, we ask for summarized financial information prior to our call. This helps us spend the call talking about strategy and not scrambling around looking for numbers. 

Planning Engagement and Payment

If you decide to engage us, we'll send you our engagement agreement and a payment link to get started. We use Stripe to process our payments so no one in our organization ever comes into contact with your payment details. 

Questionnaire and Document Upload

Once we've received payment, we dive in. You will receive an information request form that dives into the details we'll need to know. In addition, there will be a link to our secure document portal for uploading the required forms. Upon completion of this step, you are officially in the queue and will be given an estimate of the timeline to initial plan completion.

Deep Dive Call

As your place is approaching in the queue, we'll schedule a call with you to dive deep into the details. We'll get clarity on the information you've provided; we'll talk about the plan assumptions on market returns, interest rates, inflation, long-term care, spending models, and a few other areas. We'll cover any specific strategies that you'd like to see and discuss the strategies we've already identified that need testing.

Plan Presentation

Once your initial planning scenarios are finalized, we'll create a 25 - 45 minute video walkthrough to ensure you understand every aspect of the plan.The video, along with the document, is delivered via email. This allows you watch, rewind, pause, and rewatch the information in the comfort and thinking space of your own home or office. 

Plan Updates

After viewing the video walkthrough and reviewing the plan, most of our clients take some time to absorb the information. Often, the clarity provided by the plan allows clients to identify which scenarios resonate with them the most. However, it's natural for additional "what if" questions and concerns to arise related to spending, taxes, Social Security, Roth conversions, and more. Our process is built to accommodate this with a 30-day window from the date of initial plan delivery to request additional scenarios. 

Wrap Up

As the planning process comes to a close, you are welcome to schedule a meeting with Devin to discuss your thoughts and next steps. 

A few things we'll need your help on...

This process works best when you

  • Provide accurate and complete financial information¬†
  • Are¬†responsive in communication¬†
  • Understand the limitations of forward-looking assumptions
  • Are open to considering alternative strategies
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Flat-Rate Pricing


Your fee includes:

  • Behind-the-scenes testing of multiple withdrawal strategies, Roth conversions, and Social Security filing options to determine the optimal balance of portfolio longevity and tax efficiency
  • Initial plan with 3-6 scenario comparisons delivered by email with¬†a 25-45 minute video walkthrough
  • 30-day window for revisions to scenarios (from the delivery date of the initial plan).
  • Access to the Carroll Advisory team during planning engagement by phone, email, or Zoom.¬†


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