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How we help. 

“Do you just take my money and act like you are doing something?" You might not ask this question out loud, but here's betting you've wondered what you really get for the fee you pay to a financial advisor.

Can we be candid for a moment? If you’re paying your financial advisor a 1% asset-based fee and all they do is buy you a few index funds and occasionally spit out a few reports from their planning software, that’s just not worth it.

At Carroll Advisory Group, we believe it's essential that there be a comprehensive and strategic plan at the heart of each client-advisor relationship. In other words, you deserve in-depth planning and personalized financial guidance that evolves with you. Allow us to explain...

Here's what you can expect as we onboard you as a new client.

Our seven-step onboarding process is designed to ensure a smooth transition and low workload for our new clients. Here's a summary of each step:

Initiating the Conversation .

Our journey together begins with a conversation to explore if our services are a match for your unique financial needs. Simply click Start the Conversation to begin, and we’ll provide you with a direct link to schedule a call at your convenience.

Account Setup with Our Custodian

Should you decide we’re the right fit, our services begin by establishing your accounts with our third-party custodian. We streamline this process by gathering essential information and facilitating the electronic submission of documents, negating any need for you to contact your previous firm.

Comprehensive Onboarding Call

Following the successful creation of your accounts, we arrange a detailed onboarding call. This crucial conversation allows us to collect further information, including beneficiary details, trusted contacts, bank transfer setups, online access arrangements, and more, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Roadmap Planning Phase

Following the onboarding call, we embark on the planning phase, which spans two to four weeks. During this time, we craft your Big Picture Retirement® roadmap, a detailed plan that unveils key strategies, such as optimal withdrawal approaches, Social Security filing timing, Roth conversion opportunities, and more. Watch this video to learn more.

Investment Allocation Discussion

Once your roadmap is laid out, we engage in a focused conversation about your investment allocation. Informed by your comprehensive financial plan, this step ensures your investments are perfectly aligned with your objectives. Note: The order of this step may change if your transfer has any significant cash positions or investments requiring immediate attention.

Strategy Planning Meeting

After setting the investment allocation, the focus shifts to the annual strategy planning meeting. This session serves as a "microplan" phase, where detailed discussions about the upcoming year take place, complementing the overarching Big Picture Retirement® roadmap.

Integration into Our Client Service Calendar

Completing these steps welcomes you into our ongoing annual service calendar. The structured integration outlined above ensures you make a seamless transition into this regular maintenance and review cycle.

After you're onboarded, here's what you can expect on an ongoing basis. 

   We believe in being proactively engaged with you to ensure your financial plan remains on track and responsive to life’s changes. Our annual client service calendar is designed to keep you informed, involved, and confident in your financial journey throughout the year.


Annual Strategy Meeting
(January - February)

Kick off the year with our Annual Strategy Meeting, a pivotal session where we outline financial goals and actionable steps for the year ahead. This meeting sets the stage for 2-3 additional touchpoints over the year, ensuring ongoing support and adjustments as needed. 

Annual Big Picture Retirement® Roadmap Update (July - September)

Mid-year, we revisit your Big Picture Retirement® roadmap. This update ensures your financial plan reflects any life changes or market dynamics and aligns with your long-term goals, keeping your retirement strategy both current and comprehensive.

Portfolio Management

Our dedicated team manages your portfolio throughout the year, focusing on allocation, timely investment adjustments, rebalancing, and tax-efficient strategies (like loss/gain harvesting). This ongoing management is key to optimizing your investment performance and aligning with your financial objectives.

Coordination with Other Professionals

To ensure a holistic approach to your financial wellness, we coordinate with your other trusted professionals, including CPAs and attorneys. This collaboration ensures that your financial plan is robust, integrated, and effective across all aspects of your financial life.

Unlimited Access to Our Team

You have unlimited access to the Carroll Advisory team via Zoom, email, or phone. Whether you have a question, need advice, or require guidance, we are readily available to provide the support you need, when you need it.

Our client service calendar is more than a schedule of meetings;
it's a commitment to giving you the clarity and confidence you deserve.

Finally, we ask a few things of you.

We can serve you best when you:

  • Participate in the activities outlined above
  • Let us know about any financial changes
  • Send us your complete tax return annually
  • Provide us with copies of any new estate planning documents (especially powers of attorney, trust certification forms, or wills)
  • Report any changes to your family situation (new children/grandchildren, divorces, etc.)

Your Investment

Our services are designed for those who:

  • realize their time isn't best spent on becoming a retirement expert
  • recognize meaningful goals are not achieved overnight
  • have expectations of realistic investment returns (not trying to beat the returns of the stock market)
Would you rather have just a retirement plan without ongoing support? We offer that service, too. Learn more here.
Annual Flat-Rate Pricing


for households with investable assets >$1,000,000

Your fee includes:

  • Unlimited access to the Carroll Advisory team by Zoom, email, or phone
  • Annual Strategy meeting to set the schedule for the year ahead
  • Annual update to Big Picture Retirement Roadmap plan
  • Portfolio management including allocation, rebalancing, and tax loss/gain harvesting
  • Online access to view portfolio and transactions
  • As needed coordination with your other professionals (CPA, Attorney, etc.)
  • The behind-the-scenes execution of the Carroll Advisory Group client service calendar


*2024 fee. Fees in subsequent years will increase by 3%

Retirement planning, uncomplicated.

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