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Hidden fees are one of the subtle factors that can chip away at your returns. These fees, often unnoticed, can accumulate significantly over time, affecting your overall investment growth. To bring these costs into the light, we're excited to offer you our Expense Ratio Calculator.

Why Understanding Expense Ratios Matters

Expense ratios are the annual fees charged by mutual funds or ETFs as a percentage of your investment. These fees cover operational costs, including management, administration, and more. While they may seem minor, they can significantly impact your long-term investment returns. Our expense ratio calculator is designed to help you uncover these hidden fees and understand their effect on your portfolio.

How to Use Our Calculator

To ensure you get the most accurate results, follow these simple steps:

  • Gather Your Investment Information: Obtain a recent copy of your investment statement. This will be your primary reference as you use the calculator.

  • Input Your Investment Details:
    • Click on the plus symbol to add each investment.
    • For ETFs and mutual funds, enter the investment symbol and current value. Our calculator will automatically fetch the corresponding expense ratio.
    • For investments that aren't ETFs or mutual funds (which typically don't have an expense ratio), you still need to include them for an accurate overall calculation. Add a recognizable description, the current value, and leave the expense ratio at the default 0%.

  • Review Your Total Investment Value and Weighted Expense Ratio:
    • At the bottom of the calculator, you'll see the total value of your inputs to verify all holdings are accounted for.
    • Below that, the calculator will display your portfolio's weighted expense ratio.


Next Steps: Calculate Your Total Fees

Having determined your weighted expense ratio, you're ready for a deeper analysis. Input this figure into our Total Fee Calculator here. This tool provides a comprehensive view of all the fees impacting your investments, enabling you to make more informed financial decisions.

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