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A successful retirement isn't just about choosing the retirement income plan and right asset mixture; it's also about understanding the fees associated with your investments. Often overlooked, these fees can significantly impact your returns over time. Providing insight into the total fee is the reason we created the Total Fee Calculator. This tool is designed to offer clarity and insight into the true costs associated with your investments, combining both advisory fees and the internal expenses within your portfolio.

How to Utilize the Total Fee Calculator:
  • Understand Your Advisory Fees: Ensure you understand the advisory fee you are paying to your financial advisor. 
  • Get Your Weighted Expense Ratio: Use our Expense Ratio Calculator to determine the weighted expense ratio of your portfolio. 
  • Enter Your Data: With your weighted expense ratio and advisory fee information, input this along with other required details into the Total Fee Calculator. 
  • Gain Valuable Insights: The calculator will then provide a comprehensive view of the total fees associated with your investment accounts. 
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